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The Kronos comics, Kronos wow comics or "Tekai's comics" is a serie of humoristic and thought-producing drawings about the experiences of the author and different players on the World of Warcraft 1.12 vanilla private server Kronos. I began drawing them in November 2015 a bit after I started blogging and made them public by posting on the Kronos forums on the 22th December.

Some of those are about the Zul'gurub release, the PvP state, the meaning of "blizzlike", gamemaster's decisions, new player challenges, the current bugs or general issues, the server crashes or events, special player behaviours, oddities, and much more.

They aim at entertaining and encouraging the server's players (and maybe moderators) to think and reflect about Kronos and the decisions and story that they are making together. They are also cool to share, they might stimulate interactions between players and they offer me a personal first experience and a way to both develop and test my skills.

I am not affiliated in any way with Kronos, I do this mostly for fun and as a personal exercise. The point of views of the different characters do not necessarily represent my own or those of players on Kronos and are often exagerated for entertainment purposes.